Your Wedding Budget – Five Steps to a Debt-Free Dream Wedding

Using a wedding budget calculator is something that thousands of couples are familiar with and the truth is, it’s greatly needed. Planning a wedding is one thing, but budgeting for it is another. However, while a wedding is supposed to be special, you shouldn’t actually be left still paying for it a decade later! Getting into debt for one wedding is crazy and not actually necessary, as long as you can budget wisely. The following are five little steps to consider using in order to get a debt-free dream wedding:

Be Realistic

Let’s say for a second that you wanted a big wedding with hundreds of guests, along with firework displays and everything else. Is that really going to a realistic idea? Probably not, and, in all honesty, you don’t need all those things to make the day special! When it comes to creating a wedding budget, you have to be a little more realistic in terms of what you want and need from your big day. A wedding budget tool can help you create a suitable budget, but ideally you have to be realistic with your ideas too.

Understand How Much Money You Have Available And What You Can Afford To Spend

Anyone can use a wedding budget calculator, but unless you fully grasp your financial situation, you will get nowhere fast! It’s necessary to take the time to get to know your finances and the amount of money you are able and willing to spend. Do you have ten thousand dollars? Do you have more or considerably less than ten? These are the things you must think about when it comes to budgeting and getting a debt-free dream wedding. If you don’t know how much you can afford to spend then it’s going to be very difficult, so it’s wise to get to grips with your finances.

Save Up and Avoid Using Credit Cards

If you wanted to get into debt, credit cards would be the simplest option for you to use! These can rack up tens of thousands of dollars worth of charges within days and leave you with a hefty bill! The trouble is credit cards can get people into debt, and while they are tempting, they aren’t the best solution for you. Instead, you should look at saving up money for the wedding or using as much savings as possible. This will ensure you avoid debt and a wedding budget tool can assist you with planning out a sensible budget amount for the wedding.

Have a Small, More Intimate Wedding

Who’s to say you need a big wedding? If you don’t want or need a big wedding you could save yourself a lot of opt for a smaller one instead. Now, smaller weddings can be just as special as larger ones, with the exception you have family there and a few close friends. However, the amount you can save is great and this can be a great option if you don’t have a lot of money. The wedding budget calculator can help plan out your budget but again, if you don’t have the money to spend, you don’t necessarily need to spend a great deal.

Let the Budget Work for You

If you have five thousand dollars to spend and that’s it, then you must make that work. It sounds far tougher than it actually is because there are lots of ways to save money and cut corners. For instance, you can opt for family catering if it’s a small wedding or have a grandmother make the wedding cake instead of it being professionally made. It’s those small things that can make the money go farther. Using a wedding budget tool can be so useful and don’t be afraid to pinch every penny!

A Day to Remember

Weddings are amazing but planning them can be stressful and full of misery! When you have very little to spend then things can appear far direr and it can be disheartening. However, there is no need to get into debt; there are lots of simple ways to make your money go further. Use a wedding budget calculator and get the wedding you want.

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Tips for Creating a Realistic Wedding Budget

Thousands of brides and grooms hate the idea of using a wedding budget tool simply because they think it will stop them from having their dream wedding. In reality, budgets don’t have to stop you from enjoying the day, but it can allow you to sensibly plan a wedding without spending more than you can afford. Too many people don’t budget wisely and end up spending money on one part of the wedding and leaving nothing for another and are left disappointed. That is why you have to find ways to create realistic budgets. The following tips are a few things that may prove useful:

Use a Wedding Budget Calculator

Budgeting is tough at the best of times and when it comes to you or your child’s wedding, you want that day to be special. Unfortunately, money can be tight and it means budgeting and while it might seem like a real pain, it’s actually very easy to do. Using a wedding budget tool, such as a budget calculator, probably won’t appeal to you and yet it’s the simplest way to budget for the entire wedding. The calculator can make you see how far your money can stretch and give you a realistic budget too. At the end of the day, money only goes so far and it’s necessary to understand how far your budget will stretch to.

Understand What Services you’ll Need

Who is taking care of the catering? Are you going to buy your dress new or alter an old one? These are the things you must think about when it comes to budgeting a wedding, otherwise the costs are going to get far too out-of-hand. You absolutely must think about the basic things such as catering, dresses, flowers, venues, so that you can set aside funds for them. A wedding budget calculator can help you establish a budget, but unless you know all costs, you’re going to find it’s useless. Write down every potential cost or service you’ll need so that a sensible budget can be established. More details here.

Cut Lavish Expenses

Do you really need a horse-drawn carriage? Are you able to get married without letting loose a hundred white doves? You probably have some over-the-top expenses that sound great and you think you want, but at the end of the day, those lavish things don’t make the day special – it’s you and your future spouse that does. If you can, cut out those unwanted or unnecessary expenses, otherwise your budget will be very difficult to create. Yes, you might like the idea of setting off fireworks or getting an old-fashioned Rolls Royce to take you to and from the church, but is it all really needed? These lavish expenses can all add up and getting a realistic budget with these is unlikely. Use a wedding budgeting tool sensibly and remove unnecessary expenses.Get more at

Set Money Aside For Last Minute Expenses

There is always something that is forgotten about or that pops up unexpectedly and when it does, it heaps more pressure onto the money-side of things. However, if you plan ahead and budget so any last-minute emergencies occur, you have the money available for it. A wedding budget calculator can include these expenses and still offer you a realistic budget.

Get an Idea of Costs within the Local Area

In order to create a realistic wedding budget, you have to know what sort of costs you’re going to run into. Now, it’s wise to contact some local services in the area and find out how much they charge for their services. This will give you an average list of costs you will have and it can be used as a platform to create a suitable wedding budget. A wedding budget tool such as a calculator can really help and they are useful to create realistic budgets too.

Have a Perfect Wedding

Budgeting is a sensible idea and yet it really does not have to stop you from creating the wedding you’ve always wanted. You probably have to tone some ideas down a little and be sensible in terms of the amount of guests you invite but in all honesty, budgets don’t stop the wedding. Getting an idea of what you need to spend can allow you to enjoy the day and ensure you get everything you wanted. A wedding budget calculator can help you get a realistic budget for the big day.

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The Collaborative Wedding Budget – Coordinating Multiple Parties with Ease

Choosing a wedding budget tool can be really important when it comes to planning a wedding. There are so many costs to consider and if you don’t have a clear idea as to what you’re paying, you’ll end up with a mountain of debt to deal with after. Weddings aren’t supposed to be all about costs but somehow it goes back to it. That is why you must think carefully about how much you plan to spend and coordinate with every service you hire too.

Get Signed Contracts for Every Service

Whether you’re thinking about a personal wedding website or planning out what you want, you need to think about your wedding like a business. That might sound very harsh, but the truth is, that is what’s needed, otherwise you can easily lose track of what’s going on. If you want to make it easier on yourself then you must look at getting signed contracts for every professional service you hire. Also, look at paying for most of these services upfront or at least a good portion of the total costs; that way they are almost paid for and you can be sure you don’t spend the money on something else. Some will say it’s risky, but it’s smart.

Have a Meeting with Every Caterer and Wedding Service at the Same Time

It’s hard to coordinate with several wedding services at once as there is so much going on. It’s easy to lose track of what’s happening, even when you have a wedding planner which is why it’s necessary to have a collective sit down. Get everyone you hire together in the same room, at the same time. This will allow you to get a clear understanding of what is happening and ensure your budget isn’t getting out control either. Also, you can be sure you aren’t paying for something two services are providing. If you wanted to make things easier, you could go onto a personal wedding website and find a planner to help deal with everything. They don’t cost a lot and you can probably factor them somewhere into your budget if you already have one that is.

Set out a Budget and Stick to It

You may have a budget for each area of the wedding but it’s important to keep within those limits. All too often, brides and grooms are eager to spend a little extra here and there, but it all adds up and if you do that, the budget is thrown out the window. In most cases, you overspend and then you have little or no money to spend on other important things such as the wedding venue or on the guests! That is why you should use the wedding budget tool to create a suitable budget and stick to it. If you keep increasing the budget or spending things which aren’t needed then it’s going to get out of hand very fast.

Make Your Day Special

Most assume that if they budget for their wedding, it means they won’t get what they want and so instead opt for blind spending. This really isn’t a smart move as it can end up costing you far more and in reality it’s going to lead you into a mountain of debt. However, if you budget and take the time to set out a reasonable amount for your wedding, it can still be a special day. Use a wedding budget tool and get the wedding you want – and don’t forget to coordinate!

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