Reasons Why Every Bride Should Have A Wedding Website

A wedding website is a must have for any bride planning a wedding. Not only does it make the life easier, it also helps organize the guests and makes planning a breeze. A personal wedding website is now easier to set up than ever.

Manage your guest list and save phone calls

With a wedding website, you can input all of your wedding guests’ information and keep them organized in one, easy to access place. Most personal wedding websites also allow you to upload or link to your wedding registry gift list, view your RSVP list and then set up your table plan accordingly. Why have a binder of information and random slips of paper when you can have everything organized in one handy place? Also, once you send out your paper invitations, including the link to your wedding website allows guest to (as stated above) RSVP directly on the site and stops you or your bridal party from having to field potentially hundreds of phone call RSVPs. Think of all the time, energy and cell phone minutes you’ll save!

It’s free, personalizable and easy

Most personal wedding websites are actually offered free of charge, with the occasional option upgrade. When planning your wedding, free is one of the best words in your vocabulary! Most of the time you can set it up with just your name, email address and a password – just input your wedding date and take your time adding the rest. You can eventually add details to your wedding website like your color scheme, a forum for guests to chat on and ask questions, add photos, menu, schedule, etc. Also consider adding the address for your venue, dress code and information about nearby hotels. One particular wedding website even allows you to upload the weather forecast and a wedding countdown clock so guest can get excited and keep track!

It’s secure and allows you to share your excitement

When setting up your personal wedding website, make sure you input a secure password. Also, consider choosing a service that allows you to add a password to guest access as well. This way, anyone viewing your website is required to log in and you can make sure you don’t have any uninvited guests showing up unannounced. However, the most important part of all is simply being able to share your love and excitement with the people who you want to share your big day with. A wedding website lets you put that all out there with photos, a pre-wedding diary, a forum to chat with your guests on and just general information and tips. Set up alerts so that your guests are informed if you add any new information or make any changes.

When planning your wedding, organization is key. With a personal wedding website, you can safely, securely and easily collect and share your information with friends and family while making your life easier. Every bride should set up her own wedding website!

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